How to build a more efficient
Hub Services Solution?

Specialty medications account for nearly 75% of the approximately 7,000 prescription drugs currently in development.

By 2022, more than 60% of the 600 drugs expected to gain FDA approval will be specialty medications.

This seismic shift toward specialized therapies has created an urgency for specialty pharmacies to meet the rising patient demand and provide them efficient and effective support to ensure adherence and optimal outcomes.

The problem is many specialty pharmacies don’t currently have the right software or tools in place to achieve this.

This is where tech-enabled hub services solutions come into the picture. But:

  • 01 Which hub services solutions are best?
  • 02 What do you need to consider before investing in one?
  • 03 What functions and features should you expect from a solution?

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How cloud-based, pre-configured hub services solutions improve operational efficiency and patient engagement

Why hub services are a crucial part of the patient journey?

Practical tips for evaluating solutions and what to expect from a platform

How to use tech-enabled hub services to improve the value chain

How to align with the hub model that’s right for you

The specialty pharmacy industry is accelerating at a rapid pace and navigating compliance and the patient journey is more complex than ever. Specialty pharmacies must future proof to remain competitive. This guide will show you how.

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